Welcome to
Banyan Security!

If you’re here, it is because your organization is using Banyan Security to provide “Zero Trust” secure access to your corporate applications and services.

We’ll tell you how to get started with Banyan and how we prioritize your privacy.

Be More Productive with Banyan

Banyan replaces cumbersome traditional network access tools – VPNs, bastion hosts, gateways - with convenient, cloud-based, one-click access to your internal resources.
Easy. Fast. Secure.

Get Started

Install the Banyan app on your device to see your catalog of applications and services. Use the Invite Code you received in your welcome email (or from your administrator) to register and start using Banyan.

Privacy First Secure Access

Work from anywhere without worrying about big brother watching over your shoulder or a clunky VPN slowing down your video conferencing.

What Banyan Tracks

Device Identity

We install a cryptographic certificate on your device to uniquely and securely identify it. The bad guys cannot pretend to be you to hack in.

Device Configuration

We report on device status, but do not change any settings or impact system performance.This keeps your IT admin aware of any vulnerabilities that need immediate attention.

Remediation Status

Banyan's apps run as visible applications with a user interface, so you can help your IT team resolve device issues.

What Banyan Does Not Track

Your Device Location

We do not access or store your device location data.

Your Internet Traffic

We do not intercept or monitor internet activity to or from your device.

Your Browsing Activity

We do not monitor what websites you visit or which movies you’re streaming.

How Does it Work?

Banyan makes access to private networks easy and secure for everyone, from small teams all the way to large global enterprises.

Users connect to their corporate resources via Banyan's globally-distributed high-performance edge network. A Banyan Connector deployed in your on-premise or cloud environment dials out to create a secure tunnel with Banyan's Global Edge Network, needing no inbound firewall rules or complex DMZ architectures. Users connect to their corporate resources via a Banyan-managed single-tenant private edge network, comprised of Banyan Access Tiers deployed in the internet-facing DMZ of your on-premise and cloud environments. The Access Tier is a cloud-native, identity-aware proxy designed for scalable deployment and cloud-based management.

Admins use a SaaS management interface to publish private applications and services for their end users. Access policies are written in human-readable syntax based on user identity and device trust, and integrated with corporate identity and device security tools.

Users get one-click access to their private resources via the browser and the Banyan App. The app allows users to register their devices and view their catalog of corporate resources (websites, infrastructure, networks).